Thursday, 23 November 2017

Our new self-drive predator fishing boats first few outings.

The new self-drive boat has been out on the lake a lot and everyone loves it, 

´Thanks to Craig for the service and your fantastic brand new boat. We enjoyed it so much!´ Sven Muller and Freddy Harbort.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Monday, 25 September 2017

Self-Drive Boat predator fishing with Extremadura Predator Fishing Spain

Our new Boat for Self-Drive Predator fishing is now available.

Self-drive boat - NO licence required

What better way is there to fish these fantastic lakes, other than to skipper a boat with our Self-Drive option.
A licence is not required to to drive our fully equipped 15hp Kimble Hunter. The 55lb Motorguide electric trolling motor, along with 2 x Lowrance Hook 7 GPS fish finders with mapping, make it easy to navigate these lakes safely.

If you have never skippered a boat before, don’t worry, full training and instructions will be given on how to control the boats motors and use the fish finders, a guide will accompany you until you are totally confident.

We even launch you at the lake so you don’t get your feet wet.

Detailed maps of the lakes with highlighted areas are provided, - these show any non-navigable areas, productive areas to fish, features like rocks or underwater islands, and most importantly any dangers to watch out for.
For larger groups, we have 2 x 15hp 3.8m Cabri Boats available, both fitted with electric trolling motor and fish finders.

Remember that No licence is required to drive these boats, they are fully equipped, fully insured and have legal permissions for the lakes, life jackets and Walkie Talkies are provided.!!!

Heres a couple of videos on the basic operation and functions of the Hook 7 GPS.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Will be back fishing soon ... Pike fishing.

Summer Break

It will soon be time to get back on the lakes; the temperature is set to drop around 10 degrees next week. 

Obviously with temperatures of 38 /39c it’s not ideal to be on the lake in these conditions so we have been on our summer break.

It’s never really a rest as there’s always plenty to do preparing for our next season, even more so this year as we have a new 4 meter boat on order and we have to kit it out when it arrives. 

This 15hp boat will be available on a SELF-DRIVE basis as a licence to drive it is not required; it will have sonar mapping and detailed maps to help you navigate these awesome lakes.

Many of our guests opt for Bass and Barbel fishing, as do we, its fantastic fishing especially on the surface.  This however, means we don’t get a lot of Pike fishing in. 

So later this season, when the oxygen levels rise,  we have decided to target Pike on a more regular basis to show you the amazing pike fishing we have to offer here.   

Last week whilst a few hours barbel fishing in the morning, we came accross this dead pîke, exactly why we dont pike fish at the moment. 
Antonio wanted a picture of it, so consequently it took me hours to bleach the boat,  it was honking.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Barbel fishing on the lure Extremadura Spain

Barbel are very predatory here In Spain. 

The following video is just some footage from a mornings session on the boat with lures.  

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Short break sight fishing for Barbel and Carp on the Fly.

We had the pleasure of Bill and Robert two very experienced fly anglers over for a few days.

Conditions weren’t great as the heat wave was just coming to its end, but never the less they had plenty of action.

They had Barbel on the dry fly, a few small bass and carp, a day on the river section and final day on the boat. 

Robert tried the belly boat, the best system for bait presentation.

We didn’t get too many pictures as they both went off in separate directions and boy can these lads cover some distance. More videos to come.

Brian from Denmark for Pike fishing and last day Barbel

Brian was over for Pike fishing and it couldn’t be worse weather for him, a heat wave in Spain!!!!!!!!.

Temperatures were reaching mid 40s so we were on the lake at 6am, first light, every day and by 9.30 am the heat started to drain us.
Considering the conditions, we didn’t do bad as we had pike out everyday. 

He liked the Barbel fishing so much  he opted to go for Barbel his last day, great fun on light tackle.

Brians first Barbel.